January 12, 2011

November 18, 2010

October 28, 2010

2010 UPAA Biennial Banquet and Induction of New Officers


July 14, 2010

July BOD Luncheon Meeting at Alma's

It was a fun meeting with lots of Greek-inspired food, thanks to Alma's husband, George's, help. It was ono-licious, plus the pupus were out-of-this-world. Maybe, out of Alma's beautiful yard full of colorful flora!

We got things done: banquet details detailed and ono grinds consumed. The bay view was spectacular. The windward breezes soft and caressing. It was a kinda warm sunday. But, hey, we live Hawaii!

To the Phocas family: Muchas gracias. WE will be back!

June 3, 2010

May 2010: Tara Na Sa Piyesta at Bumoto!!!

During its March meeting, the Board decided to coincide the election of the 2010-12 Board of Directors with the holding of the Filcom's Fiesta at Kapiolani Park. Mas masaya, sabi ng Board members sa kanilang pakana. And so it was.

Witness the dedication, folks: Lilia Santiago, Board Secretary with Debs Robillard (behind the scenes) earlier concocted the UPAA display at the booth. Delmar and honorary alum hubby, Joe Magno, snuck into Kapiolani way too early in the morning to assure a parking spot. Prexy Alma and board members Jane Misola and Jun Rivera with their spouses Ben and Cora, came to help, make tsika and siyempre, to stay, enjoy the festivities and eat!! Other UPAA members dropped by to cast their ballots. Siyempre, because it is also a state election year, many politicos came, shook hands with our able cast and took pictures.

At the end of the day, the following Board of Directors, officers and members, were elected.

President: Debs Telan Robillard
President-elect: Carolyn Weygan-Hildebrand
Secretary: Norma Domingo
Treasurer: Jun Rivera
Auditor: Dennis Bondocoy
PRO: Lilia Santiago
Neighbor Island Reps: CJ Ancheta (Maui) and Oscar Portugal (Kauai)
Members: Delmar Magno, Jane Misola, Melody Calisay, Ariel Agcaoili,and Unc Homer Rabara

Congratulations, New Board, and may your term be full of joy, energy and accomplishments!

To the booth-niks: Good job! 'Yan ang UP!

January 18, 2010

UPAA Of Hawaii 2009 Christmas Party

If you weren’t there, you missed a lot. You missed
• Lena’s jubilant victory pose when she won a prize.
• And her yellow pampalamig (patent still pending.)
• The many times, Auring tried to (delicately) “fart” – with the balloon.
• The off-key, off-beat but “who cares?” attitude Christmas carol sing-alongs.
• The kids’ pabitin which did not remain solely the kids’s for long. Even the wrinkled and weather-beaten (read: Jun Obaldo) couldn’t resist. Who said old men can’t jump?
At marami pang iba.

View na lang the accompanying magnificent photo compositions of our friend, Densio. They are worth a thousand of my words.

Next time, you attend, okey?

November 14, 2009

Pasko Na Naman! 2009

So, on December 6, at the lanai of the Philippine Consulate on Pali Highway, our UPAA family will meet again for our annual UPAA Family Christmas Party! If you missed last year's, try not to miss this one! There were will be time to meet the newbies as well as the not-so-newbies. Think of all the balita you will hear from and share with old friends and new! Bring your young ones and watch them enjoy putting together Christmas crafts at our Keiki Kraft Korner. You might even want to join them!

Hrmphh, hrmph....want to exercise those vocal chords? Try singalong Christmas carols! Op kors, you like to win! You go to Vegas yearly, di ba? So win some door prizes! Then, the highlight of the evening...ah, no!...second-to-the-highlight of the evening: the yearly "Battle of the Batches"! We have some really cool games and quizzes! Bring home the trophy: bone up on geography, UP facts, spelling, current events!

Then the highlight of the evening. Drum roll, please...... LECHON! Plus, siyempre, the yum-yum dishes you have craved for for a loooooong time. Please bring naman a dish to share: remember, POTLUCK ITO! You will be reminded by your team leader what dish you need to bring, so here it is, for starters:

Group 1- Debs: Heavy pupus
Group 2- Alma: Poultry Main dish
Group 3 - Rose: Seafood Main dish
Group 4- Bea: Dessert
Group 5- Lilia: Veggie Main dish
Group 6- Ime: Starch
Group 7- Carolyn: Veggie Main dish
Group 8-Jun R: Meat Main dish
Group 9- Don: Veggie salads
Group 10- Jon: Pupus
Group 11- Jane: Starch
Group 12- Dennis: Drinks
Group 13- Delmar: Dessert
Group 14- Homer: Drinks

O sige, ha! We'll see you at the pahhhhty!

by: Debs Telan Robillard

September 5, 2009

September 2, 2009

Piknik sa Koolaus

(click play once to run slideshow)

August 29, 2009

Sabado na! It was time to get up and hike off to the Koolaus, to the stream where the little minnows frolic and wait for the first bait to hit the still water... to the pavilion where Gng. Alma Phocas has already started to move the picnic tables. She has several big stalks of tropicals to arrange in a pareau'ed can, which today will double as vase (pronounce it vas, please, with the upper lip curled and upper teeth lightly resting on the lower lip, thank you.) The Kaaihues find their way to the Niu Pavilion, where the kids help unload the truckload of stuff needed to be set today: card tables for the entrance with the maroon tablecloth, proclaiming to the knowledgeable, that this is, for today, Maroon Territory; rose-tipped BIC pens for the newbies to fill in their membership forms and their firts annual dues; the accoutrements required for the most engrossing part of the day: lunch; atbp...

Soon the UP masa swells as the hour for repast drwas near. Lena sets up her pampalamig, (patent pending) on top of the counter. Densio arrives with his girls and cooler of drinks. Bea with the birthday cake for the birthday girl, este, lady (debski)and an assortment of goodies for lunch! and dagsa-dagsang others piled on the center table!

Before the kainan, siyempre, we had an appetizer, reminiscent of UP days. Alma brings out blue-book look-alikes and pops a quiz on ten very eager alums. The quiz? Name your fruits! Dr. Bertie Santos-Ocampo was the majordomo "serving" the fruits for the alums to identify. Instructions? Pwedeng amuyin, hawakan, pisilin.

YUMMMMM! After an irreverent "grace" by Bea, a truly dibdiban one followed. Thank you, Father, for what we are about to devour! Kainan na! !

Guwardya Civil ng Kaldero

Of course, our potluck buffet has always been a gastronomic phenomenon! We, UP'ians of Hawaii are known to be gourmets and gourmands... We feasted on phantasmagorical paksiw na lechon, sensational kari-kari with bagoong alamang, crispiest lumpia, inihaw na isda extraordinaire, ube- bersdey cake (!!) to name a few... there was sooo much more:

There were newbies in the crowd of kari-kari-stained lips: Troy and Aurora Bumagat, ConGen Jun Cardenas, soon-to-be-alum Consul Paul (who wowed the audience with his makabagbag-damdamin rendition of Climb Ev'ry Mountain),and Atty. Emmanuel Tipon,and not-too-newbies Docs Millette Oliveros and Bertie Santos-Ocampo. There were discussions of state furloughs, pre-mature Alzheimer's and other worries. And of course, there was stunned silence as we worked our way through the table fare armed with forks, napkins to the lips and paper plates, to lip-smacking satisfaction!

Hungry kidskainan pa din

After much belly massaging and happy grins on our faces, we were ready to win prizes at BINGO!!!! With Bea Ramos-Razon as Bingo Master and assistants Lilia Santiago, Alma Phocas and yours truly, the happy crowd meditated on their bingo cards, anxious to make "puro" in game after game, ready to jump in the air with a shout of "BINGO!!" Those were the lucky ones, especially the Rivera clan as one after another claimed a prize. This must be the reward for being the patient Fundraising chair, ha, Jun? Finally, the cash prizes for the Block-out games were awarded. The kids were pooped and the sun was half-way on the face of the mountain. It was time to wrap-up and clean.

BingggoBinggo Smile

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Although the fishing derby was called off, the kids did not seem to mind. Those old enough to know their alphabet (at least five letters) and their numbers (1-75) played with the old farts. The young ones strolled the perimeter of the grounds.

We look forward to another summer, as we pack this one along with summers past, but hang on the delights brought on by friendships across the years and the common bond provided by the Maroon spirit...malayo man marating, di rin magbabago...

by Debs Telan Robillard

July 25, 2009

The Colonel's $5 Quick-Bite: The Quest for the Ideal Fundraiser

There is one rule in being a member of associations that never fails: If you do not want the tough assignments, do not miss meetings. Having forgotten due to a senior moment, I missed one critical board meeting. At that meeting I was chosen the fundraising committee chair for beloved UPAAH. There was no escape from this position.

Not having learned my lesson, I again missed another meeting (This time I had a real excuse: My email lost the messages from the President) and soon discovered the board had toyed with the idea of a “Huli-Huli” fundraiser. This spurred me to action.

Considering the economic climate and all the hard work associated with doing a Huli-Huli fundraiser, I searched for the “Ideal Fundraising Program” with two things in mind: simplicity and low cost. First came the Chili Fundraiser which is highly advertised and apparently very popular. Then came the not-too-well-known Napoleon Bakery fundraiser, followed by the Taco/Bell Pizza coupons. Upon searching the web, I found there were literally zillions of fundraising opportunities. There were a lot more than the trillions spent on the economic recovery plan (Don’t you love how I can easily make the issues political?). They were too mind-boggling to even pursue.

One board member told me she had tons of un-eaten chili tubs in her refrigerator, so we scratched the chili deal. I tried to tie it in with the Napoleon Bakery fundraiser but found out that, at Costco, you could get 5 more of those cakes for the same price. And then came the pizza deals. Those were fairly reasonable but all you got was a coupon. Perhaps on another fundraiser, we could try them.

Then out of nowhere (drum-roll please…) came the Kentucky Fried Chicken Deal. It was so simple and yet easily manageable that the Board did not hesitate to approve it. Ah, unanimously.

Here is how it works:

KFC will print any amount of Quick-Bite tickets we order. Unused tickets are considered sold so make sure you redeem your tickets, which are good for 12 weeks from issue date. This means you do not have to redeem your tickets and fill your refrigerator with buckets of food all at once! And it is convenient: tickets are redeemable at every Kentucky shop all over the state except Makaloa (near Ala Moana) and Don Quijote (near Pagoda Hotel).

The $5 Quick-Bite package includes: two-piece regular or extra crispy chicken leg & thigh, a biscuit and a small mash potato with gravy. This is a complete (sort of) meal by itself. KFC also includes a coupon good for 6 months that provides a discount up to $10.00 on other purchases as follows: $1.00 off the 3 pc. meal, $2.00 off the 10 pc. meal and $3.00 off the 16 pc. meal and a free kids lap top popcorn popper with any purchase of a 3 pc. meal or larger item.

Because of the mailing and processing cost, we request that sales be made in 10-ticket batches. To reduce our mailing costs, would you please come to the picnic on August 29, and pick up your batch of tickets?

It’s a good deal. Take the family and kids out a couple of times and you would have already used up your tickets. The discounts alone pay for the cost. And most of all, you are helping UPAAH fund our community service projects.

Why not buy a ticket or two yourself? Make it 10 and you’ve got yourself an ideal KFC deal!

by Jun Rivera, Fundraising Committee Chair